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We want to serve as an aspirational brand that showcases the progress of challenges endured by our ancestors. Collectively elevating the standard of a people whose lineage can be traced back to Africa is a major goal of ours. The luxury garments & lifestyle items that we offer pale in comparison to the jewels  inside of us and serve as a modest reminder of who we truly are.  

One of the biggest inspirations behind the brand is my mother.  My mother went to school for fashion design while attending Tuskegee University.  During this time she met my father who was apart of the tennis team at Tuskegee and has been nominated to the sports hall of fame for his time at the university.  During this time she became a part of Delta Sigma Theta sorority and was also a model.  The last color I physically saw my mother in was red. I made a promise on that day to become the greatest version of myself and share my gifts to the universe. 

JAI LYLE MCMLXXXII is an extension of delivering on that promise.  I'm a product of luxury parenthood. Growing up with both of my parents in the household was a luxury I discovered later in life when I realized some of my peers weren't as fortunate. I grew up with wants not needs in multiple areas spanning from love, culture & resources to name a few. I've come to the overstanding that my worldview can connect with you in some way, form or fashion.